Saturday, June 13, 2009

something exciting (at least for me)

Yes, this is Rhys sitting in a booth at a public restaurant.

No, he didn't touch anything.

Yes, I thoroughly disinfected every surface he could possibly touch before I removed him from his carrier. I even covered the table with a blanket for whatever good that would do.

No, Rhys did not go the entire time without fussing. He was tired and needed a shoulder to lie his head on before he'd go to sleep.

Yes, that is a straw in his mouth and it is full of Mom's blackberry tea. That is the "something exciting" from my perspective - he liked the straw and loved the tea!

No, we were not by ourselves. It is difficult to do much of anything by yourself when you're constantly worried about "contaminated" surfaces. Especially when you have a needy boy such as mine.

Yes, it appears that I am making the same face I am trying to get Rhys to make.

No, Rhys is not wearing his cannula.

Yes, he still needs it but he is becoming increasingly violent in his attempts to avoid wearing it, so he went without it for most of the two days he was feeling so yucky when his teeth came in.

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Jodi said...

Oh, I love you guys! Not many people understand the need to disinfect everything around our children. I understand what a huge step all of that was. . .the restaurant, the straw, etc. When I took Olivia to a restaurant with friends, I showed up early and wiped everything down (I think the waitress thought that I was crazy, but that's okay.) But, you know what? Our kids have stayed healthy and that's what is important. You guys are amazing parents to Rhys!