Monday, June 8, 2009

maybe I should just leave him like this

Meet our little Buddha. Lately I have been thinking it is perhaps best that Rhys spend the day just so. I truly don't think he'd mind because he loves being naked.

If you're thinking to yourself this "draped" furniture look is a recurring theme in many of our pictures, you're spot on. In our home we have Rhys approved sitting zones. We also drape his bouncy and swing to prevent us from having to wash the covers daily. It is much easier to snatch up the blanket or towel and wash it instead. Why would we need to wash things so often? Well, I am glad you asked...

Rhys has been eating great lately. Between him sucking properly and this being an "on" time for him wanting to eat he is draining nearly every bottle in record time. On the other hand, Rhys has been throwing up. A lot. So much so that he requires multiple clothes changes and baths a day and mom gets to wash the extra loads of soiled clothes, blankets, covers and toys. It has been going on long enough that I called the pedi. The pedi says it's normal at his age and no cause for alarm as long as Rhys doesn't seem bothered. Nope, none of that here, in fact he thinks it's funny! I believe it is a combination of him accidentally gagging himself while sucking on his fingers, him coughing from the increased saliva from teething (which triggers his magnificent gag reflex), and him eating more quickly and more volume.

The only thing that makes me scratch my head is that when he throws up it is typically several hours after he eats. At that point I'd think he would have completely digested the contents of his stomach. He is still on Prevacid and isn't demonstrating classic reflux symptoms. While I'm glad the doctor thinks it is nothing to be concerned about, it is seemingly random not to mention stinky and messy. I'm scared to take him anywhere for fear he will throw up either in my car or in public. It is that bad. Ick.

The good news is that he does not appear to any worse for wear. In fact I'd say he looks down right roly poly, wouldn't you? Though he might be on the peanut end of the growth chart he sure is a healthy looking little guy. He is shaped just like his daddy. From the very long torso, super low waist and short legs, we might have another Michael Phelps on our hands. (Mom is secretly thinking please let there be! Haha.) Many of his 3-6 month tops are now too short. His 3-6 month shorts fit his muffin top belly, but mostly hit his ankles. It's kinda cute. He is able to fit in a few 6-12 month tops, even if they are a little wide.

Today I am: 10 months, 3 weeks and 2 days old.
Adjusted I am: 7 months old.


Mary Anne Whiteley said...

Maybe his stomach is emptying rather slowly. I know some reflux kids end up on Reglan to help with "motility" or so that the food will go from the stomach to intestines more quickly. But you are right, he looks well-fed!

Jodi said...

Sounds just like Olivia at that age. I got frustrated when people would tell me that spit up is normal. It wasn't spit up. . .it was projectile vomiting. We had "approved" sitting/feeding areas for her too. Interestingly, she gained weight fine then. . .when she threw up at least once a day. Now, she doesn't much anymore (although her gag reflex is triggered ALL the time) and she just can't gain. It doesn't make sense. Rhys is looking cute as ever. Olivia would run around in her diaper (or naked) all day if she could. Silly kids!

Anonymous said...

Rhys looks like he is thinking, "Really Mom, must you take a topless pic of me...again!"

Haha. So cute.