Sunday, May 31, 2009

a monkey in our house

Our monkey loves to lounge in the bouncy chair. Perhaps this is why he has zero interest in sitting on his own. It would seem he is a little, ahem, lazy. He doesn't like to be strapped into his chair, he likes the freedom to squirm. Which usually ends up something like this.

Or this.

Or some other varying degree of almost falling out of his chair. You'd think he'd get upset about this, but typically he doesn't. It is all part of his game. I am waiting on the day he scoots himself out of the chair entirely. He was really close today. He is starting to attempt rolling over while sitting in his bouncy. I think he will accomplish this before he completely rolls over unassisted lying on the floor. He seems to find acrobatics in the bouncy much more exciting then merely playing on the floor.

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Alicia said...

He is such a busy bee! It makes us laugh to observe his *ahem* determination to play/squirm/wiggle independently and on his own terms! Way to go, Rhys!

Alicia & your Oregon cousins