Friday, November 21, 2008

Holy Canoli! Cannula!

Oh man, not again, won't y'all just leave me alone!?

Wait a second, this is awesome!Much more comfortable
That's right ladies and gentlemen, the vent is OFF!
Time for a belt upgrade!So peaceful

Today the CPAP came off. Woohoo!! Rhys had a trial run for a couple of hours this morning starting at 11a.m. and he did great. The doctor was expecting O2 in the 80s (as was the case when he came off the vent and onto CPAP), but Rhys was anywhere from 40% to 60% the whole time we were there. His nurse was very attentive, trying to help him out to make sure he didn't fail his trial. So far so good. The doctor says if little man continues to do well with the cannula we can try to start bottle feeding on Monday. Hooray, he's doing it!!

Oh, and he received his 4 month immunizations yesterday and took it like a champ.


amyoutlaw said...

He's so beautiful. I like that I can finally see his face! Go Mr. Rhys - Hugs and kisses.


meredith said...

Way to go Rhys!

mack said...

I love that I can see his face now! He's so cute!!!

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

Having all that stuff off his face makes him look great! Yea Rhys! He'll be a black belt before we know it. Do they have an estimated time frame for when he might possibly get to go home? I know he has to be taking all feeds by bottle and no A's B's and C's for a certain amount of time, but what else?

Mary Anne

Brian said...

Awesome!!! The bottom photo looks a little like Cody.

Tim said...

Woooo hoooo, Rhys!! Way to go, little man!! Now that we can see his face, I think he looks like Cody, too. Poor kid! ;-)

Congratulations, you guys! I'm glad your struggles in level 2 are paying some well-deserved dividends.

Tim & Debi

Pachar Family said...

He is just precious! I can't wait to see him tomorrow!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

Oh Wow! I'm so excited for you guys!

Jackie said...

Thais is Parker's Nun-Nun aka, Mere's Mom... I have followed Rhys closely, holding him up in prayer together with his buddy Parker. I am soooooo happy to see another "cannula boy." Go Rhys !!!
Thinking of you often.

Crystal M said...

Beautiful! What a handsome baby boy! We are so proud Rhys! You look amazing and I know mommy and daddy are so proud! Now on to bottle feeding! What a blessing to be thankful for this week. God is good! Love to you both and we hope you have a wonderful week. Love,

The Myers