Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still slow and steady

The last day or two Rhys has had a foam headband to keep the CPAP on and we've gotten to see his hair. Since he's had a hat on for the last three weeks I sort of forgot what it looks like. It seems as though he has the same amount of hair he had at 3 pounds, but his head is much bigger now so it looks a little sparse. It is still a reddish brown color and looks as though it will have a wave at the very least.

He had a dye test to check his ureter today. He did very well considering it required a catheter. Hopefully we will get results tomorrow. He slept comfortably the entire time we were there this afternoon, with oxygen at 60%. His latest eye exam revealed no major progression of his ROP - so far so good (thank you Lord!). His feeds are at 43cc and they are reducing his fortifier from 27 to 24 calories per ounce. Rhys still attacks his pacifier and loves it, and he is starting to pay quite a bit of attention to his mobile. He will track the mobile with his eyes for a good bit of time. The nurse says this is excellent.

The endocrinologist team stopped by last week to discuss Rhys' thyroid issue. His levels were just barely above the threshold that determines who needs treatment so they are going to do another test in about a week to see if anything has changed. Depending on what they find they might decide to start Rhys on meds. They just want to make sure he actually needs the meds, because once started he is pretty much committed to them until he is about 3 years old. The reason for this is that the major brain development occurs during this time and the thyroid hormone is crucial for proper development. If a child has insufficient hormone it can cause them to lose 1 to 2 IQ points per month, so once they are on the meds they don't want to take a chance the child is still not producing adequate hormone on their own. The doctor assured me that Rhys hasn't lost any IQ points due to his thyroid and he will keep a close eye on it.

Rhys tipped the scales at 6 pounds today! I say this all the time, but he is getting to be quite the chub. At 6 pounds and roughly 18 inches long he is on what I would consider the lower end of the "newborn" range. Given that the twins' due day was this Saturday (Nov 8) and considering all Rhys had to go through while developing outside the womb, I don't think he is doing half bad.


Mary Anne Whiteley said...

My first was just over 6 lbs and 19" long, so he sounds about just right to me! It's still tiny, though. You always forget how tiny the new ones are until you have another one. Give him another few months and he'll be bigger than cousin Max!

By the way, I realize there are differences with preemies, but many babies do experience some hair loss when they are several months old. My oldest had a ton of hair at birth, but was totally bald by 4 months. It came back, though, and I could put her hair in little ponies at 1. My second, though, had little to start with, even less by 4 months, and didn't have much at a year either. At almost 4, she's still not all that hairy!


Brian said...

Awesome progress. In five years we will be breaking up fights...I guarantee it!

aunt suzanne said...

I wouldn't worry about those I.Q. pts. Between you and Cody, ya'll have close to 470!!!!! He is just too cute, the pirate costume... oh my gosh He can have ALL my candy. Guess he better get teeth first!
Love and blessings

amyoutlaw said...

Suzanne - They can gnaw on candy!

C&C - Great news! Can't wait to see him again. Hopefully Thanksgiving.