Thursday, November 13, 2008

17 weeks

We're on the move!Just like superman flying through the halls!

Rhys was 17 weeks yesterday. He is no longer in super sick baby pod. Fantastic, yet sad. We made the move this afternoon right before evening shift change. Even though his primary nurses and doctor team will follow him to his new pod, we got used to the familiar faces we saw there every day. But, he is again in the company of previous pod mates who moved out before him. I'm acting like it's across the street instead of across the hall.

His oxygen requirement continues to decrease by the day. He was at 35% when I came in today, but had to be bumped up to the 40s after he had his face retaped. He was on nasal cannula for the trip across the hallway and did great, but then had to be put back on CPAP since that was just temporary for the move. The doctor's plan is to take him to CPAP pressure of 4 tomorrow and then to nasal cannula on Monday as long as he continues to do well. Once he's settled on CPAP he can start learning to bottle feed. Meanwhile, Cody and I are working on getting everything together for when he does get to come home. We were in the process of finishing the nursery when the boys were born, so we're still trying to tie up the loose ends... but we're almost there. His stroller came in today and I think it requires a PhD to understand the instructions. I thought the idea behind a reference manual was to explain the how all the pieces fit together??


bran1005 said...

Please let me know if y'all need else anything as you are preparing! I'd love to help in any way.

Keep moving in the right direction Rhys!


Brian said...

Honest question - I wonder if your sadness in leaving the sick pod is related to the Nightingale Syndrome?

Cody said...

Perhaps it's a hybrid of Nightingale Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome :)

Crystal M said...

Way to go Rhys! We are so excited for y'all. I have been checking in weekly with your mom too and I am so happy to hear the awesome news. I know she cannot wait to get her hands on that beautiful baby boy! We continue to pray for y'all and love to keep getting the updates. If I can ever get us all well, we will be by to visit. Sounds like it is baby shower time! Keep me posted! Love you!


Angie and Jason said...

I LOVE these pictures. So adorable. It won't be long until that handsome little man comes home! Way to go, Rhys, tell the new nurses you would like them to know that often times you desat and come up by yourself and you don't need them to crank the oxygen! We love you, pumpkin! We love your mommy and daddy too!