Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not such a good day

After so many good/boring days I guess it was time for another bad day. Rhys' O2 had been mostly in the 40s yesterday and the day before, but today I guess he'd had enough. The nurse took his vitals this morning and was never able to get his oxygen back down. He got a dose of ativan, but that didn't help. They increased his vent support, but his blood gases were still bad and his CO2 was still high. After two consecutive gases with CO2 in the 90s they decided to try to switch out his vent tube. They thought maybe there was a blockage, but that wasn't the case, however his follow up blood gas looked better so the doctor was happy. Earlier in the day they thought he might be getting an infection, but a blood work up looked good and he was otherwise not showing any signs of infection. The doctor said it could just be too early for the blood workup to indicate an infection so they are going to continue watching him closely. Rhys also received another blood transfusion (not sure why though, the doctor didn't even seem to understand why the night doctor wanted it) and thought possibly he was having a reaction to it. He said this isn't uncommon in adults, and could explain Rhys' behavior. However, Rhys has never had any reaction to a blood transfusion in the past.

They also started Rhys on another round of steroids today. Oh boy. Rhys has always responded amazingly well when he's on steroids so please pray this is enough to get him off the vent and that he'll need no more! I will update with more info tomorrow and post some new pics.

Also, please pray for baby Olivia and her family. Olivia was born 2 weeks ago as a 24 weeker and she needs a few more prayer warriors.


Angie and Jason said...

We are always praying for your "little man"... hopefully these steriods are going to pull him off the vent! :) We love ya'll!

Sassani Photography said...

Hope he gets to where he was last week. Just another bump in the road, but he's been tough for this long, I'm sure he knows by now how to work it!!!

Hope he gets better!