Wednesday, October 15, 2008

13 weeks

Today Rhys is 13 weeks old. His vent rate is 20 bpm (down from 28 yesterday), his inspiratory pressure is 17, his PEEP is 6 (down from 7) and the pressure assistance he gets when he takes a spontaneous breath is 11 (down from 15 a few days ago). His O2 was 28 when I came in today, but is now in the low 30s. He has been snoozing since I got here and can not be convinced to open his eyes to say hi. He is getting to be quite the chub, weighing in at just under 4lbs 5oz! The word around the pod is that they are going to possibly attempt extubation tomorrow if Rhys behaves himself. Oh my goodness, is this for real? They are going to do another blood gas in an hour or so and if his gas is good they are going to try a PEEP of 5. I am really nervous about switching to CPAP, but I guess you've just got to go for it (although not irresponsibly as the doctors say). He is still desatting his oxygen, but the doctors pointed out he did this even on the higher vent pressures and settings. So, please everyone pray super hard for this that Rhys gets a legitimate good shot at staying off the vent!

Also, our new nephew (Max) will make his way into the world tomorrow so we will hopefully have two things to celebrate!

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Chris & AnnMarie said...

I remember being VERY stressed and worried the day they switched Coy to CPAP. I'll be thinking and praying for Rhys today and tomorrow (and for y'all)! He's making great progress and he will get there. He's looking so big and cute! And I love that he gets to enjoy the big-boy chair!