Sunday, October 19, 2008

More pics of Rhys

now THIS is comfortable

what a cutie pie double duty... holding the pacifier and reading a story

taking a break after a diaper change and suction

Rhys is still on CPAP as of 6:30 this afternoon. He had very high CO2 this morning, so they gave him a dose of lasix and his follow-up blood gas was better at 6 p.m., but not exactly where it needs to be. They are going to try again at 10 p.m., so hopefully this one will be better. He is doing great breathing on his own and rarely desats (or if he does it is only typically to high 70s). His oxygen requirement continues to be high, in the 70-80% range, but the CPAP with higher oxygen is still better than the vent with lower oxygen. We are wanting Rhys to stay off the vent completely, but if he does need to go back to the vent (a) this would be expected, and he has surpassed the doctor's expectations already; (b) this is a fantastic start and means he shouldn't have problems with a weak airway and (c) he can do it on his own!!

Rhys is also sleeping very well on CPAP which surprises me somewhat. I really expected him to fight it more than he is, but I am very excited he has adjusted to it so well. He acts as though he likes this better than the vent. Actually, he almost seems like a completely new baby. Maybe it is because we can hear all his noises and his cries now. Anyway, please continue to pray for Rhys' forward progress. We appreciate you all!


Pachar Family said...

Precious Angel Baby. He looks like a totally different baby. We love him so much.

Angie and Jason said...

He is adorable and you guys are so amazing. I know I have said that 100 times but I mean it. You are such an inspiration. He does look like a totally different baby! I'm so proud of him; we love him and y'all!

Jeff Seasor said...

WOW...he has gotten so BIG! We are thrillled to hear how well he is doing and pray that each day he continues to grow stronger!