Thursday, October 2, 2008

Excitement in the NICU

Rhys decided it was a little boring in the NICU so he thought he'd extubate himself again and liven things up. Well, he didn't physically remove it himself, but he certainly is the cause of the tape being loose enough for it to "fall" out. This happened around 5 am from what they tell us and it happened while the nurse was repositioning him. Again, he is none the worse for it. The doctor made a point of stressing to the nurses and respiratory team that they need to pay more attention and take more initiative to make sure the tube doesn't come out again - this is the third time it's happened. Rhys' moving around is becoming a bit of a problem. He can lift his head completely off his bed now and would have nearly moved it today from one side to the other had the tubing not prevented it. He is about to be banned from his tummy because in addition to moving his head he is also using his arms and legs to push himself up. When he is on his back he will arch himself upward, but isn't able to move quite so much. The real problem is when the secretions from his mouth loosen the adhesiveness of the tape and then Rhys either starts worming around or gets his hands underneath the tubes and starts pushing. They mentioned having to put some sort of head piece on him today and I know he won't be happy about that.

The doctor is going to try to start lowering the pressures on the vent and see how Rhys likes it. One difference I am noticing about this doctor is that he seems to want a perfect blood gas before he'll wean the settings. The primary doctor will tolerate a slightly "imperfect" blood gas - he is a little more aggressive. If it doesn't seem Rhys is making enough progress they might put him on more steroids. The boy has had a ton already. Maybe that's why he has all those muscles. :o) The doctor also mentioned that he is really close to being in an open crib and there is really no reason he couldn't go to one. The 1800 grams isn't a rule and Rhys is burning just as many calories when he gets too hot as he'd burn if he got cold in an open crib. It is exciting that he'd be making progress by advancing to an open crib, but I think I'm going to have to put a "Do Not Touch the Baby" sign up. I am a major germ phobe and still want as few people touching him as possible.


amyoutlaw said...

I enjoyed seeing Mr. Chipotle today! You need to post a pic of him swaddled like a burrito!

Pachar Family said...

Are we going to have to get Rhys an itty bitty time out chair? :)

aunt suzanne said...

No mystery here; he wants paroled from isolation. He's ready for gen. pop. I wouldn't worry about touching the baby.Since only grandparents can see Rhys w/o you, I think you can cross that worry off your worry list. Glad you guys are getting good news these days. I love you.