Wednesday, October 29, 2008

15 weeks

This is how our little man rolls! He barely noticed today when he was disturbed from his nap so his daddy could hold him. He just kept on snoozing. As you can see he is still on CPAP and his pressure is still at 8. Several people have sort of commented on how high his pressure is. Well, ya know what, he isn't on the vent dangit so give him a little credit!! The good news is that he is tolerating the CPAP very well. Some kids work really hard to breathe on the CPAP and therefore burn calories and don't grow well. That isn't the case with Rhys, he is growing as he should.

He got an ultrasound on his kidneys yesterday to check and see if he has kidney stones. That is something that can happen with the lasix. No word on the results yet. He is getting another EKG tomorrow to check on his blood pressure as it has been high the last several days. Given all he's been through, his BPD (chronic lung disease) and the age he was born this isn't unusual. If they find something they will start him on medication to control it and it is something he will eventually outgrow. This is more of a catch it now before it turns into a real problem. Lastly, he has had some tests run to see about his stomach issues. They are checking: to see if he has a virus (which was negative, though he could have caught a different bug of some sort), if he is lactose intolerant and if he is still okay with the 27 calorie formula fortification. If he is lactose intolerant mommy will have to alter her diet. If he is having problems with the fortification they will drop it to 24 calorie. To get to 27 calorie they add both a human milk fortifier (to get to 24 calorie) and also powdered formula (to get to 27 calorie). His feeds were bumped up to 40cc and he is weighing in at 5lb 6oz again after losing a few ounces yesterday.

I'm having way too much fun finding clothes for Rhys. As you can see from the pictures he has a lot of clothes, and even more that he hasn't worn yet. Between what I buy him and what he's been given he has quite the wardrobe (he's getting close to matching daddy) and is set until he reaches the newborn/0-3 month size. I am making myself stop buying because I know he can't possibly wear so many things, he is growing too fast!


Sassani Photography said...

Thats so awesome! glad he's doing good.

Parker's mom said...

Candice, I had to laugh because Parker lays the same way! No "swaddling" for our boys! It sounds like Rhys is doing well, a few minor set backs but still NO VENT!! thats great! And I love the striped outfit! WAY CUTE! Kisses from Pa!
Mere and Parker