Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 103

I can lift my head up on my own! Halloween is soooooo scary, I can't look!
Mommy will make it allllllright!

Well sorry for the delay in posting. Today Rhys got a bit too fussy and started de-satting alot. His oxygen is at 100% and he has had 2 doses of ativan to calm him down. The ativan has completely zonked him out and he is slowly recovering. He is still on CPAP so that is good news. We need him to recover quickly so he can avoid the ventilator! He is weighing in at 5 lbs 6 oz and is 18 inches long.


Mary Anne Whiteley said...

Wow, he's starting to look more like a newborn rather than a preemie! He's almost looking chunky there in those pictures. Not that he is, but compared to the less than 2 lbs he was born at, he's huge!

Brian said...

Head lifting is a big deal. Congratulations.

Crystal M said...

Too Cute! I love these new pictures. He is getting so big! He has come along way and we continue to pray for him daily. I pray for the day in the near future that you post you are scheduled to take him home! Before you know it he is going to try to roll over and really rock those nurses' world! We pray for that too! :) I hope you and Cody are well. Lots of Love!

The Myers Gang