Saturday, April 18, 2009


For the first time since Rhys's birth I finally see a real end in sight. When Rhys was discharged we knew we had the hernia repair and circumcision dangling in his future. His NICU doctor told us they would want to hold off as long as possible given his BPD because they weren't sure how surgery would effect his lungs. His surgery occurred unexpectedly, much sooner than everyone had originally wanted. While he came through with flying colors he had a set back with his oxygen requirements. Don't get me wrong. I am unbelievably thankful and grateful and blessed that Rhys is doing as amazingly well as he is. And though I never need a reminder I received one the other day. While visiting a friend at the hospital I ran into a former NICU pod roomie's parents. Their little girl was born only a couple days after our boys and she is still in the hospital. Rhys is thriving and we are so lucky. But still, we want the oxygen to go! Mentally I think once it is gone Cody and I can breathe a sigh of relief that Rhys has finally done it. After he's off O2 there is no more "to-do" from the NICU. Rhys will be infinitely more happy when that day comes. As I said, that end is in sight. I hooked up his pulseox today to check his sats and holy moly he is satting high 90s on a half liter (~37% O2, vs. 21% room air) and he is holding mid-high 80s with no O2 at all. I am so hopeful that with a few more pounds he will be done for good. I am encouraged.

Rhys is maturing before our very eyes. He no longer wants his pacifier. This is saying something considering he never refused his paci. It was the one thing that would always calm him down. The nurses in the NICU were very inventive with ways to keep the paci in. But, no more. He is such a chatter box. He "talks" to us and responds when we talk to him. He is now showing more emotion. It is no longer just happy or mad. He expresses frustration and excitement too. He grabs at the pictures on his books, is a master at prong-removal and shoving his bottle away. And, though I still wish he'd eat better, he is getting BIG. He is very nearly 14 pounds. I just realized that in three months my baby boy will be 1. One year old! I need to start planning a party! :o)

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