Friday, April 3, 2009

Nothing new today

Not a whole lot going on today. Rhys has been eating great and has gained several ounces since we bumped his oxygen up at the beginning of the week. Since his surgery we'd had him on a half liter since we didn't have a pulseox at home (until recently) to know what he was satting. Once we got the pusleox we started spot checking him every day and he has required more O2, so he is now at about 3/4 liter. Since we made that switch he's continued to eat well, but now he is putting on weight again. His O2 was obviously turned down too low so he was having to work too hard to keep his sats up and therefore burning the calories he needed for weight gain. That is my theory anyway!

I am beyond tired of the oxygen and so is Rhys. He is very creative in how to get the cannula off his face. He screams, yes screams, every time our hands move in the direction to put it back in. He hates it. I really wish we could have waited on the hernia repair for several more months to give him a chance to get permanently off the O2, but alas that did not happen. Now I am having to fight with an infant (that desperately wishes he was a toddler) who becomes more mobile and more capable each and every day. We have a pulmonologist appointment in about two weeks, but if he is still on his 3/4 liter I think I am going to reschedule as they will not do anything but tell me he isn't ready to come off. One of these days. Hopefully we can pack on the pounds quickly, increase his lung tissue and be done soon.

I had a "first" experience today... Rhys managed to throw up all over my hair. So gross. In an effort to save the chair from being ruined I turned him toward my chest when I saw he was making a funny face. Sure enough out it came, all down my front and over my shoulder, into my hair and all over his poor little face. I am so glad he rarely throws up because I hate the smell! Although, for some reason his throw up doesn't smell sour like I've smelled on some babies so I am thankful for that. So he got an early bath (where he has now learned to scoot and slosh the water), a new cannula and he was happy as a clam. I think it's great that babies can smile and laugh after throwing up because I know that usually isn't the case with adults!

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