Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The Easter bunny was super nice to Rhys this year. He got a portable DVD player and two new movies. If you are saying to yourself Rhys is too young for a DVD player you might be right, but even if it only keeps him from screaming for a few minutes in the car it's worth the price of admission to Mom and Dad. Not that Mom and Dad had anything to do with what the Easter bunny brought Rhys, I am just saying... :o)

Of course it being Easter Rhys got all dressed up in his new Easter clothes. We were feeding him before we walked out the door for lunch and wouldn't you know he threw up all over the place, covering both him and Cody. And we're not talking a little spit up, we are talking I have never seen this much milk come out of a baby spit up. It was like a fountain that kept shooting water. Holy moly. I am wondering if when he has his infrequent, random spit up it is a result of him getting his Prevacid a few hours later than he is used to. This never used to happen before, but it seems that when he spits up I have usually forgotten to give him his meds that morning. Mental note to myself to pay more attention.

Anyway, after the throw up Rhys required a bath, a new change of clothes (as did Dad) and we were ready to go, arriving at our destination an hour and a half late. Sheesh. My allergies also picked today as day 1 of my annual flare up, and my normal wonder drug Zyrtec made me super drowsy so I have been battling a case of medicine head all day long (thus the reason Rhys didn't get his meds when he was supposed to).

My Easter basket from Grammy and Grampy.
Prior to throw up, at least we got this pic.

With cousin Julian, who is showing off his chocolate
bunny. Cousin Max (Julian's brother) is missing, we
somehow didn't end up with a good pic of all three.
This is the first time any of them have met face-to-face.


Chris and Machel said...

Happy Easter!! He is adorable, too too cute!!

amyoutlaw said...

I loved seeing him and holding him today. And, NO, he's not thin. The boy definitely has a big ole belly! LOL.

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

I hear Rhys made Aunt Amy quite happy!

Oh don't you just love spitup at inopportune times? If Rhys has been spitting up more recently, he may be getting so big that he needs a dosage increase.

Rhys looks awesome and he's such a blessing!

Crystal M said...

Happy Easter! He is getting so big! I love the sideways grin - adorable! Hope we can get together soon! 8 1/2 weeks and counting for me - where did the time go?! Lots of love from the Myers Clan!

Love - Crystal