Thursday, December 2, 2010


It isn't that I don't trust the medical supply company, but I don't trust them. So, I called the insurance company yesterday to make sure all the necessary paperwork had, in fact, been submitted and that they were in the process of reviewing everything. Our insurance has been great about paying/approving everything to date but I was still a little surprised to find out that they were in the final review process and expecting a final determination yesterday afternoon.

I called back today to get their answer and found out we got a partial approval on Rhys's equipment. Apparently some sort of optional tire variation was requested for Rhys's chair and that did not get approved since the chair obviously comes with wheels/tires. To the best of my understanding they deem it unnecessary since it is a duplicate item and is already included on the "base unit". Whatever. I wasn't aware a different wheel had been ordered and I don't care to have it hold up the process. I should be perfectly happy with the original tires thankyouverymuch! Unless of course there has been a disconnect in communication along the way. Which wouldn't surprise me. According to the insurance rep everything else got approved though.

I then called the med supply company to request that they call the insurance company to gain verbal approval so we can keep everything moving instead of waiting on the formal approval letter from the insurance company. You follow? I think these people are so tired of my daily calls that they are just as anxious to get my order fulfilled as I am.

Why do I always feel like I have to babysit people to make sure they are doing their job properly? Does no one have a good work ethic anymore? It's a shame helpful and willing employees are the exception and not the rule these days. I know this type of behavior wouldn't fly in my previous line of work. I'd have been out of a job!

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