Saturday, December 11, 2010

my little peanut

The nutritionist came today to visit Rhys, and she checked Zoe out too! Rhys's weight is back up, as is his height. He occasionally has periods where we don't get enough calories in him for one reason or another, and therefore he doesn't grow. Most recently Rhys became (very) mobile, was fighting his illness for several weeks, and as he grows his calorie requirements increase but his food intake stays the same. Our cycle is this: we have a visit from the nutritionist, she points out his lack of gain/growth, we put forth another renewed effort to tweak his eating, he starts gaining/growing again and makes up for the previous growth he "missed". Our efforts are constantly evolving based on Rhys's quirks. It only gets better as he gets older, and will continue to do so as we can start reasoning with him, however it is slow going like everything else. Cody and I are both well aware it all happens when Rhys decides that is what he wants. So all this to say Rhys is back to his ~25% percentile for height and weight.

My little peanut, on the other hand, is a plump healthy little cherub. She is still 50th percentile for height, but has moved right on up to 90th percentile for weight. :) It really is nice having a child that enjoys food so much. The nutritionist told us since she is eating so well, is so enthusiastic about it, and is self-feeding snacks, we should start the transition to more table foods. This means things like diced fruit and veggies, Cheerios and Kix cereals, and increasingly more textured baby food. I still don't have this with Rhys so this is actually fun for me! And sort of daunting knowing you are shaping your child's appetite and eating habits, for possibly the rest of their life.

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