Friday, December 17, 2010

visit with Santa

Cody's office had a Christmas party for the kids last week. It was both Rhys's and Zoe's first introduction to Santa. We didn't get Santa pics with Rhys last year because (a) I was pregnant and supposed to take it easy and (b) we were trying to keep Rhys away from crowds and germs.

Rhys did not crack a single smile. He was seriously trying to figure out just who the heck the guy in red was.

Zoe just about had a meltdown. We were able to get a few pics before her bottom lip started to pucker, and someone quickly snatched her from Santa's lap before she could start crying.

They were both very well behaved the entire time. Of course they were held most of the time as they got passed around to all the co-workers, who hadn't seen either of them since Zoe was a couple weeks old.

The best part for the kids was that Santa came armed with a bag full of gifts. It was really cute watching the anticipation of older kids as they unwrapped their presents.

Our kids were more interested in the paper. Especially Zoe, who currently tries to eat everything her fingers touch. And she has to touch everything. See her pointer finger?

Ah, my little man looks so grown up! It is hard for me to see it day to day, but when I see pictures of either of my kids I realize just how quickly they grow.

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Alicia said...

Such cute photos and great news about the little cutie pies. Thank you so much for posting this little Christmas peek into your family's adventures. :) Have a great holiday together!