Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who does this cutie belong to?

Rhys is getting terrible about pulling his prongs out of his nose, or ripping off the cannula all together. We are having to re-tape at least once a day. He got the whole thing off a minute ago so I grabbed my camera for a picture of the clean face. Is everyone else's kiddo this bad about keeping the thing on? He has several ways of getting it off... he rubs his head to get the prongs out, he sticks his little finger underneath it near his nose, or he out right rips the tape off his face by grabbing one hand on each side. The latter is the preferred method because it comes completely loose. Silly boy, he is such a mess. Since we don't have a pulseox at home I have no idea what he is satting, but he has yet to turn blue!
We started with the loose tape last night.
It came off this morning so Mom put it back on.
I got a little cranky so I just ripped it off again tonight.
Fish lips.
Really Mom, isn't that enough??
Fine, one more.

And, look what I did! Mom helped me by putting
the rings on my hand, but I finally figured out
I was holding something! Mom really wants a repeat!


Alicia said...

oooh! he is so cute! we love your sweet face, Rhys!

Parker's mom said...

Yeah Parker is a pro at taking his cannula out too! He prefers the "hands on each side and yanks" method too. Rhys isn't on a pulseox? What is he on then to monitor the oxygen? Parker has a pulseox machine. What are they going to do when they start weaning him?

amyoutlaw said...

Rhys - Good job grabbing stuff!

Crystal M said...

He is too cute and getting so big! I'm so happy the formula/cereal combo is working for him and giving mom and dad some relief! I'm sure he will be into all sorts of things really soon! Watch out mom and dad!

meredith said...

He is adorable!

Myra said...

You know how I love those fish lips!!

Pachar Family said...

I wouldn't want it on my face either, Rhys. And he just looks so cute with it off. ;)

Chris and Machel said...

Wow!! What a little cutie!! Machel says that Bella has gotten to be an expert at pulling both the Cannula and the ET tube! I can't wait to get her home and start taking pictures like you!! I am sooooo happy for you and want you to know that we think about and pray for little Rhys all the time!! Keep up the great picture taking!

Jamie said...

Rhys is definitely going to be a heartbreaker. My daugher Lindy hated her cannula too. I'd find her with it in the craziest places!