Monday, February 16, 2009

7 months old

Happy 7 months to our little man! Rhys saw the pulmonologist today and is doing very well. We still need oxygen, but his lungs sounded great and he is satting 95-100% with O2, and 88-89% without it. They wrote for a pulseox at our request so we could spot check him at the house, and also ordered a chest x-ray to check his lung progression since discharge. I didn't take Rhys for the x-ray yet because we'd been there more than 3 hours by the time we were finished with the pulmonologist and his regular pedi visit and he'd had enough. He was hungry and tired so I will bring him back this week to get his x-ray. We also got rid of the apnea monitor, so one less thing to carry. Woohoo! We will go back for a pulmonologist follow-up in two months at which time they will see if they are able to do anything with the O2. The doctor mentioned that there is a test they can do to make sure he's ready. She is referring to a sleep study they require to release the kids from oxygen. I have big problems with the potential of this sleep study, I think it's completely unnecessary, and will fight that one when we reach.

Rhys weighed 11 pounds with his clothes on today, so minus the few ounces for his clothing he has gained almost a pound in the two weeks since we started thickening his milk. He also measured 22.8 inches long, but I am not sure how reliable that measurement is since they basically marked his length on the exam table paper and then measured. That would be great if it were correct because it'd mean he's grown almost an inch in three weeks!

Pictures to come... for some reason it won't let me upload anything right now.

Today my adjusted age is: 3 months, 1 week and 1 day old

Oh, one quick last thing. While Rhys was still in the hospital I went crazy and bought him all sorts of nifty toys I thought would help him with his textures, etc. I ended up with this crazy looking hedgehog that is a million different colors and has felt "quills". Every day Cody and I have been working with Rhys trying to get him to grab at his toys and start holding and bringing to his mouth. Today I grabbed the hedgehog because it was on the coffee table and he started grabbing at it and touching and trying to bring to his mouth. I almost cried. Proud Mommy moment!


Alicia said...

We are so happy to hear this good report! Rhys is so blessed to have such excellent care from his doctors AND his amazing parents. Happy 7 month birthday, Rhys! We are so amazed and thrilled at what a big boy you are becoming!

Lots of love,
Alicia, Levi, Mattie, and John

johnnie said...

Hello strangers how are you all doing. This is Johnnie and Crystal Fields. We were your roommates when our baby Cagan was down there in the hospital hope that you remember us. Anyway we are so glad to here that your baby is doin so much better. He is looking good. Cagan is 6 months now and weighs 18lbs. and is 27 inches long. Please keep in touch and keep the blog going. We will keep yall in our prayers.