Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rhys' new partner in crime

We have a new addition to the family. Rhys' cousin Isaias was born February 19. The little guys will be close in age and no doubt get into all kinds of trouble together. This is proud mommy, Kim and her bundle of joy. Who else looks this good after giving birth??? If she weren't my cousin I'd be jealous. :o)
Yummy hands! I love my crazy hedgehog! I have discovered my jumperoo! I don't quite know what exactly I'm supposed to
do with it, but I DO know that I can sort of hop around while I'm in it!
I am still a few inches too short, so Mom helped me out with a pillow under my feet!
Rhys is doing great. The therapist says he is making great progress. I think part of it is the therapy and the other part is that I might have been expecting too much too soon. Whatever it is, I can definitely tell a difference in Rhys the last few weeks. He is growing so fast. Next to his new cousin he is a giant! It makes it easy to recognize how much he's grown in the last few weeks. He got to see two of his primary nurses this week, which is always fun. I love to bring him up there so they can see what their job is all about. Rhys is at that hard age where he isn't content to just sit and do nothing, yet he is still a little young and unable to do a lot of things he desperately wants to do. He is getting better at supporting himself to sit up while assisted, but he obviously can't do it yet on his own. I always tell Cody he'd be running around the house already if he was able... he so wants to be a mover!

Today I am: 7 months, 6 days old
Adjusted I am: 3 months, 2 weeks old


Jodi said...

Rhys is just so cute. .I tell ya, he is the cutest little boy ever. I promised Olivia that I would keep tabs on him. .lol. They would have so much in common. I hope he enjoys the jumperoo as much as Olivia did. I can also relate to the feeling of expecting Olivia to do things before she's ready. Being born so early, I still never know when to expect her to do things. She always ends up doing them when she's ready. So glad to hear Rhys is doing so well.

Ellie Grace and Bennett said...

I love the new pictures! Rhys has so much expression in his eyes...reminds me of a certain little girl I know! Ellie LOVED the jumperoo too! I started putting her in it at about the same age and it quickly became a favorite! I can totally relate to not knowing what to expect milestone wise and expecting too much too soon. I just had another revolation yesterday. I was trying to figure out exactly what happened to my sweet little girl after her fever and I realized that her adjusted age is just now 2years old. So, I think that she is just now hitting the "terrible twos!" is a whole new world!

Parker's mom said...

The new picture of Parker is of him in HIS jumparoo! How funny! He LOVES that stinking thing! Looks like Rhys is totally diggin his Jumparoo too! And I am glad I am not the only one getting frustrated with him not doing certain things! Makes me feel like I am NOT crazy!