Friday, February 6, 2009

GI update

After lugging myself and Rhys to the doctor's office this morning we find out from the pediatric GI doctor that (what else?) he "looks great"! I know it sounds like I want something be wrong, I reeeally don't, but this kid isn't easy! The doctor said everything looked good with the swallow study/upper GI and he almost sounded like he didn't think Rhys had reflux based on Rhys' history and I what I told him. But, he said since the prevacid and thickened formula with cereal are working then keep on. Apparently, they typically don't recommend cereal in the bottle for kids with reflux because it is a texture of sorts that can irritate the throat, but he understands these kids aren't textbook. He also said not to even worry about the Simply Thick and just use cereal. I am not sure about that because that would mean a lot of cereal to get the milk to the consistency Rhys likes it.

Rhys is FINALLY gaining good weight - today he was 10lb 4oz butt naked! That is up from 9lb 13oz at the regular pedi the other day (a little discrepancy since they aren't the same scale). Hooray for weight gain. We're closing in on the coveted 5 kilo mark, which every doctor always says is the point at which these kids just take off and do great things. I will be expecting some magic!

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Jodi said...

A part of me hates it when doctors tell me that Olivia "looks great" as well. I remember being told during my pregnancy that everything "looks great" and it wasn't. I don't want them to miss anything with Olivia the way that they did with me. I think it's going to take awhile to get over that. Great weight gain, Rhys. Hopefully, those changes will make all of the difference.