Friday, July 25, 2008

Rhys' new respirator

Well Rhys was having some troubles with his old respirator. He has some fluid on his lungs which prevent him from breathing in and out efficiently (he wasn't breathing off enough CO2). The doctor has put him on a new respirator that works much differently. This respirator is know as the oscillator. It works by breathing about 300-500 breaths per minute of tiny little puffs of air. This keeps his lungs expanded so they don't have to contract. The pressure exerted on his lungs to expand and contract was becoming worrisome for the doctors, so the decision was made to switch respirators. The oscillator is loud and vibrates alot and therefore vibrates Rhys' little chest. As you can imagine he doesn't like that so much and he fights it. By fighting it, Rhys is buring too many calories that are needed to help him grow. He was put on a sedative to calm down and relax and he seems to be breathing off more CO2. The doctors have put him on some lung treatments to try and get the fluid off his lungs. Once the fluid is out of his lungs he can resume the primary respirator that works more like a normal breathing action (about 50-60 breathes per minute). Other than that his blood pressure, blood sugar, and sodium levels look good. He has got about 4 or 5 blood transfusions so far, so THANK YOU to everyone who has donated blood in Rhys' name. He really appriciates it :) Continue to pray for Rhys' little lungs to grow and get strong.

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