Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rhys is 2 weeks old today

Well our little guy hit the 2 week mark today! The doctors came in this morning and talked to us. They showed us his chest x-ray and it is showing his lungs clearing up! I believe the doctor said the word "fantastic". We'll take that from him any day! They have turned down some of the settings on the paint shaker and his o2 concentration is about 55%. He is still saturating in the low 90s which is great. They have discontinued one of his blood pressure medications and are trying to get him stable enough to return to the conventional ventillator. The next hurdle to cross is a good head ultrasound that shows no more brain bleeding. The doctors want to address his PDA (patent ductus arteriosus) next. They will attempt to close it with medication once. If that doesn't work they will have to surgically close it. There were also grumblings of trying to give him breast milk in the next couple of days. We sure hope so!

Rhys needs you to pray for:
  • His lungs to continue to clear up
  • His brain bleed to subside
  • His PDA medication to do its job, and close his PDA

As you can see the prayers are working! KEEP IT UP!!!

The nurse also told us that he was trying to open his right eye. how cool is that!


Erin said...

Yeah!!! It is so good to hear good news! We will continue to pray for little man, don't worry about that. Isn't the power of prayer a blessing!?! In Christian love, Erin

Mary G said...

Thank you LORD!!! I am so glad you guys are having a good day! The prayers will keep coming as we expect Rhys to keep healing! *BIG HUG* to all three of you! We love you!

Mark, Mary & Luke

Pachar Family said...

YEAH for the great news!! The power of prayer is such an awesome thing!! We will continue to pray for Baby Boy as he fights his way through this. I can't wait for his little eyes to open so he can see what wonderful parents he has. We love you!!

Cain Family said...

We are so glad you got some good news. We are still praying and thinking about Rhys all the time. He has truly has guardian angels watching over him. Stay strong! We love yall!

rkfentem said...

That is such great news!!!! We have all been praying and will continue to keep doing so. Also, on another note, Shiva, Allyn Sherry and I went and gave blood today for little Rhys. We made sure and put his name down as the intended recipient. We are all thinking about you and look forward to meeting your beautiful baby boy!

- Kristin

mack said...

I am so glad to hear that lil Rhys had a good day! I will continue to pray for you guys! Love yall!

Angie and Jason said...

AMAZING! I know that we are continuing to pray for the little guy. Today is a good day. Thank the Lord. God works in wonderful ways. Continue to be strong, you guys have a wonderful support group. I can't wait for his little eyes to open so he can see his beautiful parents! I pray for the best result on his brain scan, I pray for his lungs to continue to strengthen, and I pray that he is able to get his mommy's milk ASAP! He is such a fighter... go RHYS! We are all cheering you on. We love you, all 3!
Angie, Jason & Tatum

Menges Family: said...

YAY - sounds like we are getting some good news and crossing some hurdles! Happy two week birthday to Rhys!!!!

Kathy said...

Yeah God! You are our strength! You delight to show us your glory. You are awesome and mighty-you astound us with your goodness.
Keep on healing, Lord. Shelter Rhys from all harm.

Praying for more good reports.
Fight Rhys, fight.
Stay encouaged in the Lord, Cody and Candice.
Kathy kolkhorst

Crystal M said...

Wonderful news! All 3 of you are on my mind and in my heart daily. GOD IS GOOD! We are praying for continued healing daily as well as excellent reports from the doctors and nurses. You both are truly amazing and an inspiration to us all. I hope you are taking care of yourselves! We love you - Josh, Crystal & Colton Myers