Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rhys is 1 week old today

Today Rhys turned 1 week old. He underwent a treatment under the bililight for jaundice and the light was removed yesterday. His breathing and lungs are the biggest challenge facing him now and all efforts are being made to ensure the ventilator is helping keep his fragile lungs working correctly.

You can see my wedding ring on his left arm. He's a tiny little guy!


aunt suzanne said...

My sweet sweet family,

Welcome to the World, Baby Rhys!!
You are a blessed child of God and have been born to lovely and loving parents. Such a tender family and extraordinary mommy and daddy you have. We send you bountiful prayers, endless encouragement and oceans of love.
Dear Bentley, I didn't know you and I already miss you. Peace be with you

amyoutlaw said...

Rhys - I promise you all the lollipops, cookies, cupcakes, popsicles, and candy if you keep fighting for us!!! I love you!

Your Aunt Amy

stamatina97 said...

Baby Rhys - I am fortunate enough to be able to donate blood to help you directly. I just got back from the donor center and have a full donation being sent your way! Keep fighting!
Stamatina Waltz

pambrowning said...

To my friend Michelle i am claiming issaih 54:13 for my you your children and your grandchildren during this difficult time. Great will be the peace of your sons and daughter and that they will be taught of the Lord. Rhys is a fighter and you all must fight with him there is no room for fear or doubt at this time. Put on the whole armor of God. God loves you guys so accept his peace and comfort. God has assigned his very best angels to watch over baby Rhys. I am claiming that this Miracle baby will live and not died to declare the works of the Lord. I see him healthy and full of life because God has a plan for this annoited child- that is why the enemy's attack is so fierce. Stay in faith and believe God's report and no one else!