Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rhys is still hanging in there

His last several blood gases have been good. I don't want to jinx his progress (I don't really believe in that, but I am not taking any chances) by saying he's improving, but as of 30 minutes ago when we left him he wasn't any worse. They have gone down on his "paint shaker" settings a few times today and they are no longer worried about his tummy. I don't think we mentioned that in the previous post, but they were worried about his stomach/intestines because it was slightly bloated. They have since gotten a better look (with a more powerful x-ray machine) and they don't think it is an issue. His O2 saturation seems to mostly be staying in the low 90s and his oxygen has been decreased to about 87%. The big concern for us now is the head ultrasound tomorrow. They are going to check to make sure his brain bleed isn't spreading. One of the doctors said at this point it isn't as much of a concern as the lungs functioning properly; however Cody and I can't help but be worried.
I will freely admit that Cody and I were scared to death last night, we both woke up completely exhausted this morning even after 8 hours of sleep. We have been very concerned that Rhys is suffering through all these treatments, but the doctors and nurses have assured us that he is not. He is comfortable from all his meds and they watch him constantly for any sign he is in discomfort. The head neonatal doctor also assured us that he wouldn't be doing this if there wasn't a possibility of it being worth it. Once again, Cody and I would like to say thank you! to everyone who has offered encouragement through their posts. It has been amazing to see the support of family, friends and even those we have never met. This little man is greatly loved and we can not express how grateful we are for the prayers on his behalf.
Oh, and Rhys had his first blood transfusion today from one of your donations! Someone who has B+ blood helped replenish his blood supply. :)


Angie and Jason said...

That sweet little guy is such a fighter! Go Rhys, we're pulling for you. We pray for your rest and peace of mind, Candice and Cody. We can't get you and baby Rhys off our minds. We are with you through all of this, the whole way! We love you and that precious little son of yours. I pray tonight for your mind to be a little bit at ease enough to let you rest, and for Rhys' brain scan to come back positive and his little lungs to continue to strengthen.
Lots of love and hugs,
The Grisel's

kimoutlaw said...

"Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you". (Psalm 55:22) Notice it didnt say... some of our burdens it said all of our burdens.... sometimes often it is easier said than done.... but I believe heart of heart.... that you COdy and Candice that you both are testimonies of just that..... You both are pellars of strength in what you are going through.... Its heart breaking .... but it is Faith... and prayers that is getting you through... you lift your hearts and prayers each day as many are doing to the LORD to place his healing hands on Rhys.. and to give the Doctors and Nurses the knowledge to be there and do the right thing.... and to give you compfort and peace as your heart is breaking... like I said before... you arent ever alone... God is always with you... ALWAYS...and is always right there with Rhys.... and that in itself is compfort....Your dad and I pray that you two can sleep well tonight.. and that Rhys sleep peacefully.. and that God hands are healing as he holds him and watches over him... and you both... and that the Brain scan is positive.. and the lungs improve... and we are sending you mental hugs.... feel the ribs being squeezed....... THOUGHT SO... Sleep well see you this week.. love to you all... Granny kim and GRANDPA CONRAD

Kathy said...

So glad to hear that Rhys has improved a little. Delight in the small victories and never give up.
Being able to lower the support that sustains Rhys is so positive.
God is in the business of blowing our minds with His goodness.
I'm praying for good news on the brain ultrasound tomorrow and for Rhys's lungs to clear of all fluid.

You are in a great hospital with wonderful doctors and nurses-they are working hard for Rhys.

May God shower you with His love and blessings.
Praying for an uneventful night with your body, mind, and spirit being refreshed by the Lord.
It was great to meet y'all today.
Kathy Kolkhorst

Erin said...

Rhys and the two of you have been on my mind ever since I read about him. I pray that he does well all throughout the night and that he improves some. I also pray that God helps the two of you get some rest so that you feel strong for Rhys as well as each other. God be with you all!
In Christian love,

Chris & AnnMarie said...

Candice and Cody,

It was our pleasure in being able to meet you today. You are brave, strong, courageous, and loving parents. My prayer was that seeing Coy would help you visualize Rhys healthy, chubby, and thriving one day.

If someone told me when Coy was two weeks old that he would look like he does today, I would have said they were insane. My heart was so broken and in such deep despair, I honestly could not see him "in the future."

But, God does perform miracles. He is near, He is the almighty physician.

Rhys and your family are in our constant thoughts and prayers. We cannot wait for the day we get to meet sweet Rhys.

Ann Marie

Bre said...

U do not know me...but I know of ur "precious gift" so many r praying for! Remember just b/c man says it is so does not make it so!!! We serve a MIGHTY GOD!!! If you have time, here is a story that is full of hope and inspiration~ http://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/22726644.html ~I know them personally & their girls r true miracles...I pray for u & urs!!!

Alicia said...

Cody and Candice, know that we are praying for all of you every single day, and are joined by many others who know us and have heard your story. We're agreeing with you in our prayers that Rhys will continue toward life, strength and health, and that you guys will be held close in the love and comfort of God in this time.

Much love,
Alicia, Levi, Mattie, & John

Thao said...

I have been thinking about you since you gave birth to your little boys. I pray for Baby Rhys every day and hope that he gets better and that his lungs continue to get stronger. I was glad to read that he was doing better today and that he continues to fight. I pray you get better rest tonight than last and that his brain ultrasound come back good tomorrow.
In our thoughts,
Thao, Ben and Kamraun

Pachar Family said...

This is great news! Please know that you all are heavy on my mind (notice the time). I'm thinking of you all constantly, wishing that I could be there to help take some of the fear and pain away. We will continue to pray for further healing and positive testing. God is in control. I love you all!!

John & Kelly said...

hey guys, my name is kelly. no two stories are the same but I have a former micro preemie too and some of your story brings back memories that feel so recent. Kyle is now 9 months old. We are praying for baby Rhys daily - and I am praying for you today. May the peace of God overwhelm your spirit as you fight for your little man.

Kelly (kyle's mommy)

bran1005 said...

Let's keep moving forward. The power of prayer is definitely at work! Cody and Candice please know if any of us could take this on for you, we would! I love you guys and continue to pray that Rhys stays strong and jumps the hurdles thrown at him.

martinez family said...

I have been reading the blog many times a day, also calling amy with updates. I am amazed what strength Rhys has! I am super amazed at your will power! Candice, I love the picture of Rhys on your chest, too precious! We are praying for the both of you and Rhys,,,,

Menges Family: said...

I now have a picture of Rhys as my desktop to remind me everytime I sit down to pray for him and for you two...I also wanted to thank you for creating this blog...it's so great to be able to check on Rhys and his progress constantly! I pray he will continue to thrive every passing moment.

Carie said...

Please know that I too wil be praying for each of you. I am adding Rhys to our prayer chain at church. The number of Rhys' prayer warriors just keeps growing! He is such a beautiful, strong boy. May God continue to give you strength.

With Love,
Carie Martin Byrn

Whit White said...

Just like everyone else, we are praying for you guys. I check your blog sometimes twice a day just to see Baby Rhys progress. We are just a phone call away if you need anything!

Love, Whitney & Eddie White

jeanoutlaw said...

God is good....what a blessing that Baby Rhys is receiving prayers from around the world, he has touched so many hearts with his fighting spirit and his wonderful and loving parents. Cody, Candice and Rhys...all of you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Will continue to pray for Rhys' lungs to grow stronger each day and to be clear of fluids and that today you will receive an uplifting report from the brain scan.

All my love,
Aunt Jean

Cristin Steinle said...

Hello, glad to see that Rhys is doing better and better every day. I was so sorry to hear about Bentley. Ya'll are constantly in my heart and thoughts. I will check here everyday to check on his progress. Keep going strong like you have been. Ya'll will continue to be in my heart and thoughts. I know this sounds cliche, but I'm honestly here if you need me.
With love,