Monday, March 7, 2011

it's a....

Zoe is movin' and groovin'! She is so stinking funny, always keeping us entertained. She is now walking with assistance, pushing anything she can get to move. There is now no hesitation when transitioning from standing to the floor, and she is also getting very brave when letting go from the surface she's holding onto to grab for something else. She's especially funny when she sticks her rear in the air, straightens her legs like she is going to stand, but can't figure out exactly what it is she wants to do.

And, finally! My mom instinct was right in regards to gender. With my first pregnancy we were so concerned about multiples that the gender thing didn't really figure much into the equation early on. I had lots of boy dreams, but it never occurred to me to imagine they'd both be boys. With Zoe I just knew she was a boy, but we were blessed with a little princess. From the day I found out I was pregnant this time I was completely certain of what this baby was. Even when my OB told us it looked like a girl at 15 weeks, I never doubted that we were expecting a little boy. And today there was no doubt. Our newest addition will be the youngest brother in our family. And we are so excited!

Not only did we find out we're expecting a new little guy, he looked great and I wont need to go back to the peri for 8 weeks. I went once a month with Zoe, most likely because of her kidney issue (sugar intake on my part), but I'll take once every two months. Though it was nice to get a full anatomy scan once a month I welcome the less frequent doctor's appointments.


Sara said...

Congratulations! And go Zoe go!

Jennie said... exciting!!

The Lane Family said...

Congratulations on adding another little boy to your family. Zoe is so cute and so dedicated to her mission :)