Tuesday, March 1, 2011

it's been a while

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted. We've been busy around here doing things to the house and yard. Things that were planned prior to our little surprise and need to be completed before the baby gets here. Cody has been working really hard to get as much done as possible, and of course I am unable to contribute as much as I normally would so he's really picked up my slack.

Zoe is pulling up on everything and cruising along the furniture. She is an extremely busy little body. She's also starting to walk behind things which we're excited about, because for so long she kept her feet firmly planted to the floor and refused to lift them. Baby proof has an entirely different meaning in this house now, when every single day she discovers something I never would have thought she could get to. I can already tell we're going to have to establish a timeout corner with her name on it. She is a complete mess! My favorite thing she does these days is grab my finger to push the buttons on the her toys.

Our little man is doing well. He is very into crawling under and between things. Most times he tries to squeeze himself through an opening that is about half as wide as he is. He loves obstacles so we've been looking for something that would give him things to crawl through and over. I found this tunnel for cheap the other day at Target and he loves it. Just prior to snapping this picture he had crawled through to the end, turned onto his back, and was just lying there watching tv. We're continuing with the baclofen and we're really seeing a nice response. So far I can't say I've noticed any of the undesirable side effects, for which I'm thankful. I just hope they don't spring up on us at a later date. His hair is just like this. I promise. I couldn't make it do that on purpose if I tried. He desperately needs a haircut, but I'm dreading it because of the reaction we had last time so I've been putting it off.

In new baby news, everything with the polyp seems to be fine so far. I've been for several visits the last two weeks and the polyp and baby both look fine. No bleeding, save for very minor spotting, since it was treated. We'll continue to keep an eye on things and address anything as it may come. I go for my major anatomy scan next week with the peri and I'm very excited to find out what we're having. My OB tried the last two weeks to determine gender with no luck.

Cody called me yesterday morning after he got work, telling me they were asking him to go to Africa. And he'd be leaving in two days. At first I thought he was joking, but turns out he wasn't. We couldn't figure out a help situation on such short notice, I'm getting really close to lock down, and wasn't sure I'd feel comfortable toting and lifting two active kids by myself for a week and a half so he decided not to go. I really hate restricted activity. I am a very independent person for the most part and not being able to do what I want is driving me mad! We've already begun the search for a temporary nanny, so hopefully we'll be able to find someone good without too much trouble.

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