Thursday, March 24, 2011

first dose of 17p

Today I had my first 17p shot. The meds I received from the home health group are a compounded version, not Makena. I intended to ask my OB about it at my checkup today, but he was running behind so I saw another doctor in the practice. But I will ask about it when I see him next time. It was my understanding that Makena was available as of March 14. I'm really curious about all this, for it seems there is truth to the compounded version still being available despite the C&D letters. At least for now.

For what it's worth, my nurse visit is billed at $90 per the paperwork, so again, if you're having trouble with getting insurance approval/paying for Makena, this may be another option. I do not know if the 17p is available from my particular provider without the nursing service, but even if it isn't the $90 for the nurse + $40 for the 17p is still significantly cheaper than the list price of Makena. Anyway, just trying to pass along information for ways around the crazy price for those who may be having issues getting the drug.

In continued attempts to keep this in the news, I emailed two local news stations last week. One reporter responded immediately, stating she was already working on a story about KV Pharmaceuticals and asked if I'd be interested in doing an interview. Um, absolutely not! I so hate being center of attention like that, but I took one for the team. She came out the next morning and took some footage of us and the kids. Thankfully she didn't use much of me - I'm terrible on camera - but there were good shots of Rhys. The story turned out well, but it was only a story on KV with no mention of March of Dimes. So, I'm going to contact the other station a second time, as well as another one I didn't email before. I really think the MOD connection needs more attention and I'm honestly disappointed people aren't addressing it.

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Jennie B said...

Candice...try Tanya Hayes at KPRC (Channel 2). She is one of the evening news producers and has been a great resource and contact for the stories we pitch. Her email