Wednesday, March 9, 2011

anyone else seen this...?

I was browsing the news today and came across this article.

All I can say is wow! How ridiculous. In general I am always disturbed at the prices of medical procedures, drugs, etc. Luckily we have good insurance, but I still check EOBs to see the breakdown of how things are billed and paid. This drug is the progesterone/17P you hear pregnant women speak of. I had it weekly with Zoe from 20 weeks on. My insurance covered it then, so I'm curious to see how they'll respond now that the price has increased 75x. I'd like to think if they covered it before, and it is the only option, they can't very well refuse it only because of the price. But we'll find out soon because I am due to start it the week after next. I'm really disgusted and disturbed by this company and that there isn't a law against what they're doing.

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Jill (& Bob) said...

I saw this...utterly ridiculous and one of the many problems with our health cre system. Really, the FDA stamp of approval can cause this? Hope you get it without a hitch. You know better than anyone that it made a huge difference for your family!