Sunday, November 7, 2010

equipment has been ordered!

Rhys's equipment has been officially ordered. I think. The gait trainer was supposedly ordered more than two weeks ago, but when the rep returned last week to help us choose Rhys's seating system it didn't sound as though that was the case. If you know me at all you know I hate this! Don't act like you're going to do something if you have no intentions of following through. I have made it abundantly clear that this needs to be taken care of a.s.a.p. because (a) Rhys needs it yesterday and (b) it needs to be filed on insurance before the end of this year, not next year. GRRR. Anyway, all the selections have been made so hopefully the remainder of 2010 will be sufficient for the 2-3 week lead time.

This is Rhys trying out a demo. We decided on this model actually. It is honestly a little scary looking if you ask me with all the attachments, but it has all the required features that will make Rhys sit properly.
The seat forces him to sit at 90 degrees by positioning his hips so he has to sit on top of them instead of leaning back. Not comfortable to sit ramrod straight but that is the point. It also will allow us to strap in his feet so he can't work to slide his rear out from beneath him. He loved the chair! I think he will enjoy being able to sit at the same height as everyone else. Plus the chair has a tray and can also be easily pushed up to a table. We go for his AFO fitting on Wednesday and I am anxious to get them as well. I really think they will make a difference for him.

And this is Zoe. Yes I know she is wearing boy clothes. We're recycling Rhys's PJs. But she has on pink socks!
Zoe is sitting very well. She occasionally loses her balance when she reaches for something, but when she does topple she doesn't fuss and quickly rights herself. She is not even a tiny bit interested in crawling. She rolls any where she wants to go and seems completely happy with that right now. I am trying and trying to get her to understand she could move on arms and legs but she is having none of it. She loves to bounce. More so while you're holding her than while in her bouncer I think. Oh, and she's decidedly moody once it's time for a nap or time for bed. I am talking the screaming comes out just like flipping a switch. I'm loving watching her personality develop.

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