Thursday, April 1, 2010

pedi with 2 kids

Holy moly, two screaming kids at the pedi's office was completely exhausting. Rhys is now caught up on his vaccines. We were only a little more than two months late getting his 18 month shots. :) This visit wasn't as bad as the Synagis clinic in terms of fit-throwing, however Rhys knew exactly what was happening as soon as he was put on the table. He "screamed" so hard his lips turned blue and there was no sound coming out. Poor little man! The pedi is very happy with his growth and development. He is on the chart for weight and height at the 25th percentile for his actual age. My baby is getting so big!

I had a bit of a learning curve with nursing so I don't think Zoe was really gaining weight until the end of last week. But, she is now back to her birth weight and the pedi said she looked great. Remember, we purchased a toddler scale when Rhys came home to track his weight gain so we've been using that for Zoe too. I'm actually not concerned about her weight gain like Rhys's, just want to make sure I'm not totally messing up in the milk department. But, the pedi said all was well and said some of Zoe's lack of appetite probably has to do with the fact that she was just a tiny bit premature. Zoe's appetite has really pickup up the last few days though so I think she's finally getting it. The onesie she wore at the hospital is now a tiny bit snug on her belly and a little short on her torso. The pedi said she was 19" long, so either she's grown a crazy amount in two short weeks or the hospital was a bit off on her length when she was born.

On Tuesday we had our newborn picture session with Zoe. This is the same photographer that took the pics of Rhys in the NICU, as well as his one-year pics so we're very excited to see how they turned out. Based on what I saw her take I think they're going to be awesome!

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Alicia said...

Can't wait to see the pics; we remember that photographer doing a fantastic job with Rhys!

Congrats on the great success on the growth/eating with both kiddos! That is wonderful news.