Friday, April 16, 2010

one month old

My original due date has come and gone, and today Zoe is one month old. No matter how many kids you have, I don't think you're ever prepared for how quickly time flies when they're young.

Zoe has been doing great. Except that for a few nights now she has been wanting to stay up for a couple hours after she eats at midnight. Can we say sleep.deprived? I try to take naps when Rhys takes his nap during the day, but my body does not always comply with that wish. Zoe is about 7 pounds now. She is really starting to fill out all that loose skin she had when she was born. Poor girl still only has a few things she can wear though. I am really looking forward to her getting a little bigger so she can wear some of the awesome clothes she's been given.

After 21 months of a healthy Rhys, he finally (not that I've been wishing for it) came down with something. According to the pedi he has the crud! He started coughing a bit last Saturday and by Sunday he sounded like he was hacking up a lung. So off to the doctor we went on Monday. I was pretty sure it was nothing serious but with Rhys's lung history, and a newborn in the house, we can't take any chances. His lungs sounded fine and we got some great Rx cough meds. Aside from his normal moodiness he acts like he's feeling fine. But the coughing is triggering his already sensitive gag reflex and has caused him to throw up several times. Yuck!


Jennie said...

She's so beautiful! I love that she has a full head of gorgeous hair!!!

Julie--RyanAndrew2007 said...

She is beautiful. I hope Rhys gets to feeling better soon.

Hua said...

Hey Candice,

I hope Rhys starts feeling better soon!

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