Thursday, April 29, 2010

March for Babies Walk

Last Sunday we walked for March for Babies. I've been seriously sleep deprived the last few days and haven't been put together enough to post pics until now. We've been super excited about our first year supporting MoD and with all your help we raised $2,500! The weather was gorgeous for the walk and we ran into many other preemies/parents we've either spoken to via blogs and/or have become friends with through our preemie networking. It was very overwhelming seeing so many people supporting this cause. I was unprepared for the enormous turn-out. It was amazing!! We hope to make this a yearly event to further the goal that all babies be born healthy and whole.

Sorry about the quality of some of these, many were taken from cell phones.

(Zoe and cousin, Parker, who were born 3 days apart)


amyoutlaw said...

Oh, I have a good one of Debi and her sons I need to email you so you can email her. I think they're downloaded on Brian's laptop so that's why I haven't sent them yet. I'll double check.

Brian said...

That's a manly looking man in the top picture...and I'm not referring to the Call-of-Duty-junkie on the right.