Wednesday, April 7, 2010

mac 'n cheese

Take a gander at what Rhys ate today for lunch.

It's only mac 'n cheese, you say? Is it that big of a deal? For our little guy, YES.IT.IS! Since I'm no longer limited by pregnancy we are renewing our efforts to expand Rhys's diet beyond his yogurt and oatmeal.

Rhys doesn't care for new (spoon fed) foods, and while textures aren't a total nightmare he still struggles with them at times. The last time we tried pasta it was a colossal failure. Today, not so much. He wasn't very receptive for the first few bites, but after I, um, sorta made sure the spoon got into his mouth he willingly ate very chunky (in Rhys's world) mac 'n cheese. Emphasis on the cheese, since I added several handfuls of cheddar to the box mix to make sure it tasted okay.

So here's to encouraging food exploration!

And lots more yucky food messes for Mom and Dad to clean up.

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Mountain Girl said...

Way to go Rhys! I worked with a little girl as an EI who had very similar issues. So I know how exciting it is for these guys to start eating something different.