Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zoe update

Little miss Zoe was released from the NICU yesterday morning. She only ended up needing the IV for a few hours and then was a "normal" baby Tuesday night while they monitored her (sans IV) to make sure all was really well. After lunch yesterday she was brought to our room and we had her all afternoon. Cody and I chose to send her back to the nursery last night so we could get some much needed sleep. And here she is with us again, bright and early this morning. She is such a cutie pie. But I'm not biased or anything. :) Zoe is eating like a champ. Cody and I really have no idea what to do with a newborn since Rhys was more than five month old when he came home and already had a host of quirks we were well aware of. She's a little bitty thing, but has quite a bit of chub on her for being less than 6 pounds. She really seems to love her paci as well and does quite a good job of keeping it in her mouth all on her own.

Recovery hasn't been too bad so far. As soon as I got up yesterday morning I started to feel the soreness set in. By yesterday afternoon I could barely get out of bed without wincing. Luckily the pain isn't severe and is easily controlled with meds. Though I have had some serious cramping that I do not remember from last time. Oddly enough the cramping is also making my shoulder hurt pretty badly, which my OB says is not uncommon.

Rhys came to visit us yesterday, though it was before Zoe was brought to our room so he hasn't met his little sister yet. While Rhys was here Cody brought him up to the NICU to say hello to all his old friends.

Hopefully we'll be discharged tomorrow and can get settled in at home. I am desperately wanting to sleep in my own bed and I know Cody is ready to get out of here too. We'll post more pics as soon as we can take some more good ones!


Emily's Blog said...

Congrats! She's beautiful!!!
I'm sure Rhys and Zoe will be best friends before long. Hope you're healing well.

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

Congrats! more afterpains are common on 2nd deliveries, regardless of method of delivery. what a cutie, and to share a b-day with her cousin, how awesome!