Thursday, March 11, 2010

March for Babies update

As of today Team Rhys and Bentley has raised nearly $1,200 for March of Dimes! That is amazing!! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. And if you haven't gotten around to it yet there are still six weeks left to sign up to walk with us. All you need to do is click on the banner to the right of our blog and add your name. We'd love to have you all!

Just so you know, you are donating and walking for kids like this....

...who, without March of Dimes research, would not have the opportunity at a healthy life.

In Little Sister news, I had my final peri scan today. "Little" might not be an appropriate description if her weight estimate is correct. The peri is estimating little miss to weigh 6lbs 2oz. Wow! Of course that is plus/minus one pound. But even if she is weighing only 5lbs right now, she will be well over that by delivery next week. We are thrilled! As a side note, Little Sister was absolutely not cooperating today and gave the u/s tech a very hard time. Her face stayed buried against my side near my pelvic bone the entire time, while her legs remained crossed as though she was sitting on the ground. There was no amount of shaking and prodding that would convince her to move. I'm thinking that might be an indication of things to come. :)


Julie--RyanAndrew2007 said...

I'm so excited you made it! You've done a great job.

KCWoodhead said...

My goodness, Rhys has become so handsome!!

And WHOHOO on little sister - WOW. You all have done awesome.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that she's measuring heavy!

And wow, Rhys has a set of chompers since I last saw him. I noticed the drool on his onesie as well! LOL. Sweet thang.

And Ian hasn't shown his face since week 34.....I've had 3 u/s's since then to try to get a snap shot of his face. He ain't having it either. Maybe it's in the genes or the alignment of the stars since they'll be sharing the same bday! Exciting.


Deitre said...

wow, what an amazing life story. i realize you do not know me, but i saw amy's post (we went to highschool together) on fb about the march of dimes walk she was going to participate in in honor of her nephews. i asked her about it, and she shared your blog site with me. i have since read some of your journey and wanted to say thank you for sharing. you have an amazing, beautiful miracle family, of which much sacrifice was had to recieve. if i may ask, what put you on bed rest with zoe and did you also have it with your twins? we too are nicu survivors just discharged 15 days ago from our 4 month stay. our little one is a 25 weeker. agian, i wanted to say thank you and share with you the comfort, strength and encouragment you offer from sharing your incredible journey.