Sunday, March 21, 2010


We are in love with our baby girl. If you are one of the lucky and experience "normal" pregnancies I can not adequately describe to you the feeling of living week to week, for 36 weeks, hoping your body will allow your baby to make it where Zoe did. But somehow we got our wished-for ending. She came out protesting, pink and healthy, and after a small problem of low blood sugar was able to come home with us like a regular newborn. Zoe is a new normal for us and despite the lack of sleep we're loving it.

Zoe loves to be swaddled. And eat - she is a little porker! She is sleeping extremely well right now, mostly in the Boppy lounger, waking every 2-4 hours to eat. She hated her first bath last night. She has quite a set of lungs for being so tiny. It is strange for me to say she's tiny when Rhys was 1lb 7oz at birth, but it's true. But then again, nearly everything with her is completely opposite from our experience with Rhys so far. The pedi checked her out before before discharge and was happy, so we'll bring her back in another week or so for a checkup.

According to my OB everything went well with my surgery and my uterus looked great. Very funny that he seemed to be patting himself on the back for a job well done with my prior classical incision. Seems odd now that I was able to ask him "how does my uterus look?" while lying on the OR table. The scar tissue is there and visible but looked as he hoped so he was able to do a regular c-section cut this time. Great news!

Rhys has been a little stinker the last few days. I think partly because Cody and I were gone for several days, but also because he has a new noise-maker that has invaded his house. He will smile at Zoe but doesn't want to get too close yet. He has been whining a lot more than normal and very little makes him happy. Ugh! He knows something is up so I guess my predictions that he will know no difference weren't accurate!


mere417 said...


Zoe is so cute! What a beautiful little girl! I told you she would be a chubber! And man...I think she has more hair then Parker! Lil jealous over that. NO FAIR! But maybe she will tick Rhys off enough to get him motivated! Here's hoping...
Lots of kisses n hugs from us

The Lane Family said...

I have followed your blog for a long time and commented here and there. I just wanted to say CONGRATS on Miss Zoe being so cute, healthy and wonderful!!!

I am sure in time Rhys will fall in love with her!!

Julie--RyanAndrew2007 said...

Zoe is beautiful. I'm so happy that everyone is doing well. You give me so much hope. I'm struggling with a complicated pregnancy, hoping and praying that we can make it to 36 weeks. Seeing Zoe is so encouraging.


Mountain Girl said...

Zoe is beautiful! Funny how Rhys doesn't want to get too close!

meredith said...

Congrats! She is beauiful!

Hua said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful. I am so excited for you and your family.

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