Wednesday, February 17, 2010

getting closer

Four weeks. Oh goodness. I was thinking to myself just this week that there really is another baby on the way. Ha!

Everything is still looking good with my cervix, and I'm beyond thankful for that. Every time my OB examines me I hold my breath waiting for him to tell me I'm starting to efface. I honestly think I've surpassed his expectations.

We still haven't nailed down a delivery date, but it's now looking like I will probably deliver around 36 weeks instead of trying to go closer to 37 weeks. My OB is still okay with letting me wait, though when I asked him his opinion he said his preference is to get her out. Even though we want Little Sister cooking as long as possible we also have to consider my health, so Cody and I have come to grips that she may need a little O2 or a very brief NICU stay. Babies born at 36 weeks have about a 10% chance of needing breathing assistance, but typically it is very minimal, very brief and the babies are usually fine to leave by the time Mom is discharged.

We're still hoping for our planned delivery, but are mentally prepared for her to come at any time. The good news is my OB doesn't have vacation plans for any time in the next month! While I love his partners, and they may even attend the delivery as they did last time, I'd prefer my OB to actually do the cutting.

Something new for Rhys today... he ate mashed potatoes! It was a bit of a fight for the first few bites, but after he actually tasted what he was eating he really seemed to like it. I had to use pea-sized bites as to not overwhelm his gag reflex, but I was so proud of the amount he ate.


Jill (& Bob) said...

Glad to hear all is still going so well! Sarah was estimated between 34w5d and 35w5d and needed nothing in the way of assistance, just for reference...and little sis has had steroids so I'm sure she'll do great whenever she shows up!

amyoutlaw said...

Looks like she may have the same birthdate as Ian after all! LOL.

RyanAndrew2007 said...

I'm so excited to hear everything continues to go well. I'm pregnant again (after my micro-preemie) and am finding great encouragement from you and other moms who are having healthy pregnancies.