Thursday, February 11, 2010

peri @ 31 weeks

Still here and still cooking! Everything was "perfecto" at Tuesday's OB appointment. I received my second steroid shot for the lungs, so hopefully it's doing its job. I will see my OB again next week for another cervix check. He initially said two weeks for the next visit, but I asked to come back next week because I tend to freak myself out imagining things when I go that long without getting checked.

Today I saw the peri for my 31 week visit. Little Sister's weight is estimated at a whopping 3lbs 13oz. That far exceeds my hopes for her to be at least three pounds at this point. Around 32 weeks gestation babies typically start gaining about a half pound per week so hopefully Little Sister will easily weigh between 5-6 pounds when she's born. In order to avoid automatic admission to the NICU we need her to be at least 35 weeks gestation and 5 pounds, so it looks like she is holding her own in the weight department at least. I am scheduled to see the peri again in four weeks, which would put me one week prior to my tentative delivery at 36 weeks.

My belly feels like it is growing by enormous amounts every day. And as Little Sister gets bigger she is starting to bump into things and lodge herself in uncomfortable positions. My hips/inner thighs are so sore (think of what it feels like after a particularly hard workout) that it hurts to get up out of a sitting position. But other than that everything seems okay. I am getting weird twinges here and there but I figured if anything was out of the ordinary one of the two doctors would have said something this week. Our nursery is coming together. The bedding is nearly finished and we have everything else we need, it all just needs to be put in the right spot. Hopefully we'll make some more progress on it this weekend.


Alicia said...

What a wonderful report! Keep cookin', Li'l Sister!

Bran said...

Love the good reports! Keep them coming.