Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OB/Rhys update

One of the hardest things to me about being pregnant is not being able to take my normal meds. I've never been one to pop pills for every minor ache and pain, but when I recognize the need to take something I go straight to what works. Unfortunately, what works for me is off limits while pregnant. I've never been a Tylenol-taker simply because it does nothing for me. So, lucky me - that is all I get to take for the next few months. :) The cold front this past weekend must have kicked up some pollen because I've had a serious headache and allergies the last 48 hours and have been unable to get rid of it. I joked with my OB that I must have killed my liver with the amount of acetaminophen I'd been taking. On one hand I try to take as little as possible, but on the other I've been desperate to get rid of the throbbing in my temple. My OB didn't seem concerned and even told me that I could take my OTC allergy meds since I am out of the first trimester. Hallelujah! Today was much better in terms of the headache, stuffy nose and sneezing.

Little baby looked good today, though (s)he did not cooperate during the ultrasound. My OB tried for a good five minutes to get him/her to move, thumping and nudging to no avail. I'm still a bit early (my OB will usually tell gender at 16 weeks), so hopefully we'll have a more willing participant next week when I go back! I also start my progesterone injections next week. Oh boy. Those of you who are close to me know how much I love needles! And, I've heard these shots don't hurt a bit. Can you sense the sarcasm??

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Rhys is doing well. He's still grumpy from his teeth, but overall he is taking it much better than he did last time. Remember this? Ugh, I am grateful we are not repeating that experience. So, Rhys has 2.5 teeth now. Of his four top teeth, one outside top tooth is partly through, his two middle teeth are visible and his second outside tooth is also close.

Rhys is spoon feeding better than I ever could have imagined two months ago. He will typically eat about one and a half cartons of yogurt a day. The best part? the veggies/fruits are mixed in! I really think you can have too much yogurt, but that's all he'll eat. Except of course he likes loves his ice cream. He looks a like a little bird when you pull out the Blue Bell. We're trying other foods too, but he really prefers the cold, smooth and creamy textures. I'm slowly mixing in a little of this and that (crumbled graham cracker, apple puree, etc.) into his yogurt to change the texture a bit to try to get him accustomed.

Rhys's ST (who is actually an OT administering ST to Rhys) is very happy with his progress the past several weeks. So much so that she is suggesting we focus on (a) OT for Rhys during our sessions, unless Rhys has a specific feeding concern pop up and (b) learning to drink from a straw. I know that transitioning to the straw going to be a huge ordeal. Rhys's ST recommended the honey bear with straw, which I know has been successful for many other preemies, but I really think it is going to take a while to get him interested. He still has zero interest in holding his own bottle, though I am forcing him to participate in his bottle feeding in order for him to get any milk. It's working a bit, but the boy would much prefer you do it for him!

As far as other motor skills, eh, we're still slinking at a snail's pace. Rhys has almost mastered the jumperoo. He hops around like a mad man, and constantly shifts his weight from left to right. This is incredible for him, and has done unbelievable things for his torso/head/overall body strength. The play time in the jumperoo has made me think of buying Rhys a walker. It is similar, but I think it will be more challenging for him and give him a bit more freedom once he figures it out. Under different circumstances I don't think I'd have wished for one, but given Rhys's love of the horizontal position I think it is a tool that might help him. He is now capable of sitting on his own (for noticeable, but short periods of time), however he hates sitting and will do any and every thing to get back to lying on the floor. If you want a temper tantrum that is the fastest way to get one. I typically sit with him between my legs to prevent him from intentionally falling backwards, but he has figured how to scoot his bottom out from under himself. SO frustrating. We have no idea why he is doing this. His PT thinks it might have to do with his reflux, but I am not so sure. He is using his right hand significantly more lately, and though he still only likes to eat with his left hand, he will grab for things first with his right of his own accord.

Finally, after much thought we're leaning towards getting Rhys the swine flu vaccine. Maybe I shouldn't call it swine flu, that is not exactly politically correct I hear. Anyway, Rhys has his 15-month checkup tomorrow so I am going to ask his pedi. I don't even know if our pedi office has it available right now. We are being super careful about Rhys, the same as always, and avoiding taking him anywhere unnecessary. To be honest, I am more concerned with Cody bringing it home to us than I am either Rhys or me coming down with it first. But, for our family, it is more risky given that I am pregnant and Rhys has "underlying health concerns". I am still not 100% comfortable with the vaccine, but I would never forgive myself if something happened to Rhys when I could have potentially prevented it. So I believe the benefits greatly outweigh the risks and if the pedi has it tomorrow we will be getting it!

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Jamie said...

We used the honey bear bottle on our daughter and although it took a LONG time, she caught on. She wouldn't even let me put it in her mouth at first but we did it at every bottle time and every meal time. It just kept getting better over time. You really have to be very persistent about it, not just trying it every now and then.

You might want to check with your PT on the walker. I know our PT was very against any walkers or exersaucers for our preemies because it can make them toe walkers.