Wednesday, October 7, 2009

what's up, doc?

Cody and I are super excited about the new baby, and we're determined to do any and every thing possible to keep him (or her) cooking for as long as possible. So, what does that mean for me this time around?

For starters, lots of doctors appointments and preparation/planning. I'm officially high risk instead of being an honorary member for carrying multiples. (Yes, there is only one this time.) So far that has only meant OB visits every other week for ultrasound checkups. Last week I started with a perinatal specialist. Our little baby looked great and my cervix was nice and long. In hopes of keeping it that way I had a cerclage placed Friday. Which incidentally felt about as good as it sounds like it would! Did I need a cerclage? We don't really know, so my OB is playing it safe over sorry. Some signs of the boys' delivery point to an incompetent cervix, however Bentley did have an infection which can and will prompt labor in and of itself.

So, what is the strategy from here on out? At my last OB visit my doctor ordered the necessary paperwork to put his plans into motion. What I know now is that I'll start weekly progesterone injections at 16 weeks. At 20 weeks I'll go on a contraction monitor and begin terbutaline. In addition, I will be forced to "take it easy". At least that is what I'm calling it. :) As for anything else, there may be more my OB comes up with if the need arises. Hopefully it will not.

Will hospital bed rest be required? I sincerely hope not. However, I am not naive enough to think it isn't a possibility, or even a probability, for me at some point. I had a classical c-section with the boys. That means I can not labor. At all. If and when I begin to dilate, into the hospital I go. Until this baby comes out. Even if I did not have a cerclage this would be the case. Classical c-sections put the uterus at a higher risk of rupturing, so most doctors will deliver no later than 36 weeks. Including mine.

Did we know this was what our next pregnancy would entail? Yep, we were well aware of what was going to be required. Are we worried? I wouldn't be me if I weren't! Cody not so much, he sort of has a knack for keeping me out of hysterics. My personality requires to know why, why, why. I concentrate on twinges, examine the tp, and research anything I feel is out of the ordinary. Google is horrible, it enables me! But, so far so good. Though I have been spotting a tiny bit here and there for the last few weeks, my doctor isn't concerned. The cerclage went great and the baby is growing properly. My OB is very positive about this working. He knows my history (he delivered the boys), he knows my fears, and he is doing everything within his power to get this baby as far as possible. The goal is obviously as close to 36 weeks as possible, but to be honest reaching 28 weeks will be a great relief. Beyond all this, it is out of our control.

So, if you wouldn't mind, could you all please send up an occasional prayer that we have a long and boring pregnancy with a healthy, really-close-to-term baby?? :) We'd greatly appreciate it. And we'll certainly keep you all posted on how things are going.


The Lane Family said...

Congratulations on expecting a new little baby. I will keep you in our prayers that things go well. After several losses for us, we finally got pregnant with our son and then twin girls.

Both pregnancies were high risk and required a lot of bedrest. I was on progesterone shots for 20 weeks with my son who came at 35 weeks after two months of bedrest and then progesterone for 35 weeks with our twin girls. I was also on monitors and terbutaline with the girls.

Was it worth it oh, yeah!! Did I worry about everything yes or yes. I quickly realized that the sweetness and naivety of the first pregnancy is gone after you have loss and challenges with having a baby(babies).

If you want to check out our story and now our crazy life with 3, 3 and under just send me an e-mail and I will add you.


honey said...

Congratulations on your new addition. I will certainly add you to my prayer list. Rhys is so adorable!

honey said...

Congratulations on your new addition. I will certainly add you to my prayer list. Rhys is so adorable!

Jamie said...

Congratulations! Hope your pregnancy goes great!

KCWoodhead said...

Prayers coming your way!!!!

Jill (& Bob) said...

Sounds like your doc has a great plan in place to keep you pregnant as long as possible with this little one! We'll be sending up prayers for you all! As for taking it easy, um, good luck with that. Something about having a child Rhys's age makes that kind of hard! Hopefully you have lots of help lined up!

Anonymous said...

In the words of Michelle Tanner "You Got it Dude". You're constantly on my prayer list!

Love you guys and I hope Rhys gets a little sister ;0)


mack said...

congrats!!!! im so happy for yall!

Jennie and Bernie McCoy said...

I'm so glad to hear Rhys and baby #2 are doing well! :) I will definitely send a prayer for a healthy and stress-free pregnancy!!