Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Since I can't fall back to sleep...

Why am I up at this hour you ask? I have this problem where I have difficulty going back to sleep after I have been woken up, whatever the reason. Okay, except when we first brought Rhys home. I was seriously sleep deprived and slept as soon as my head hit the pillow. Anywho tonight I got into bed at a decent time and had been asleep for a little more than an hour when I wake up to Rhys squirming. This isn't abnormal, but I could tell he wasn't happy. Sure enough, I hear water spitting (that is exactly what it sounds like) and wouldn't you know his cannula dumps water into his nose. He does not like when this happens. Rhys starts screaming, I take off his cannula, blow out the water, put it back on him and get him situated. Lucky for me little man fell right back to sleep. Unlucky for me, I didn't. Ugh.

So, what to do at 2 a.m. when you're wide awake? Why surf the web, of course! I found this really nifty growth chart calculator that allows you to plug in your information and it plots a chart for you, including adjusted and actual ages. How cool! I weighed Rhys tonight at a whopping 17lbs 11oz. I'm a bit surprised by his weight gain to tell the truth because he hasn't been eating that good. One of Cody's friends recently told me that all you have to do for babies in this family is give them milk and they grow to great heights. He was of course referring to the fact that Cody, his dad and grandpa are all well above 6 feet tall. If only it were that easy for Rhys! But, I digress. I just wanted to share Rhys's latest growth chart. I'm using his length from the end of May, along with tonight's weight. I really wish I would have found this tool sooner and been able to compare where Rhys has come from. Well, I know where he's come from... 5th percentile for both weight and height, but it still would have been interesting to have it all plotted together.

In case you're not familiar, the dot on the left is Rhys's adjusted age and the dot on the right is his actual age. He's getting really close to hitting the curve for his actual age, which is exciting for us since we've worked so hard to get him to eat! We're getting there ounce by ounce!

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Jill (& Bob) said...

Little man Rhys has offcially surpassed Sarah - we had her 9 month check up today and she's 16lb, 12 oz.