Thursday, July 30, 2009

moving all around

Rhys is moving all around. Even if it is in an unconventional mode. I put him in the center of the blanket, turned 45 degrees from where he lies now, and he rolls, scoots, and hops his way to this.

I have finally seen him set his sights on a toy and maneuver himself towards it. Just not by crawling. Though, he is grabbing for things while on his stomach now and is showing interest in moving that way as well. We're working unbelievably hard on his sitting and pushing up. It is well past the time he develops those skills, even though he might not share that opinion. So hopefully everything else will fall into place once he builds his strength. Lately my biggest concern with him (other than his disinterest in eating) is his favoring of the left side will be a life long disability for him and prevent him from doing boy things later on. Neither Cody or I have ever noticed a weakness in his right leg, only his right arm and trunk. He does use his right arm, and he uses it well, and any random person would never see a problem (i.e. bath video from previous post). It is just that if he had to choose he'd go with the left hand and not the right. If his right side were as strong as his left he'd be sitting and pushing up already. None of this is surprising given his prematurity, grade III brain bleed and every other concoction he was given in the NICU to save his life. But, he has gotten this far, and his right side is making progress. Just not at the same rate as the left.

Rhys is very big into scratching things lately. His item of choice is the couch. The texture on the couch must feel awesome on his fingers because no matter how I put him on the blanket, he always manages to position himself so that he is able to scratch the couch and stick his arm underneath. Not sure what he's fishing for, but that's what he does! I also hear him scratching the bumper pads in his crib when he's supposed to be sleeping, or the highchair cover and car seat.

Another funny thing he's been doing is playing with his blankets. When he rolls from side to side he grabs the blanket, rolls back over and covers himself up. He also likes to grab and, you guessed it, scratch the blanket, which usually results in the blanket wadded up all around him. Funny boy. Reminds me of bed time when I was younger - my brother and I used to roll the covers up in a ball and yell for my mother to come straighten them out when we didn't want to go to sleep!

Today I am: 1 year and 2 weeks old.
Adjusted I am: 8 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old.

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I go back to the living room after posting and this is what I find. What'd I tell ya? :)

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Chris and Machel said...

That is too cute! Glad you got a picture to share of him searching under the couch.