Sunday, July 26, 2009

we should all be so happy

Needless to say, little man enjoys his bath. Courtesy of Aunt M and Uncle D, Rhys's new ginormous bathtub made him one happy little boy. He does this from the moment you put him in until you take him out. We might have to think about swim lessons if this continues.

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As I posted on Twitter, we're trying really hard to "make" Rhys sit on his own. He is capable of doing it, but it is a lot of work and he just doesn't want to. Sounds like so many other parts of his life. We no longer put him in his bouncy chair or swing - he either sits with us, plays on the ground and works on pushing up, or he's in his Bumbo chair. It'd be great if this was short and sweet and he'd strengthen those muscles in no time. Strange, but I already see a marked improvement from yesterday. Hopefully that will continue. He arm strength is improving a bit too. I can give him a little support on his stomach while he is pushing up and he doesn't collapse when he straightens his arms. He is also going easily into the on-all-fours crawl position and is floundering about trying to figure out how to get moving.

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The nutritionist came yesterday and again said how great Rhys looks and how well he's growing. He is a bit over 18 pounds and something over 27 inches long. He's really close to the 25th percentile for adjusted height and weight. Next up is his 12-month checkup with the pedi.

Today I am: 1 year, 1 week and 3 days old.
Adjusted I am: 8 months, 2 weeks and 4 days old.


amyoutlaw said...

Loved the video. TOo much fun.


Chris & AnnMarie said...

I see the next Michael Phelps in the making. Get that boy in swim lessons! =)

Crystal M said...

I love the video - if only we as adults could be that energetic! Too cute!

Alicia said...


bran1005 said...

GREAT VIDEO. I think swim lessons are a must! Did you see those kicks?

Debi said...

I am CRACKING UP! He is so funny...and obviously having a blast in the water. Thanks, I needed that. :)

Jill (& Bob) said...


I don't seem to have your e-mail, but mine is Sarah and I are looking forward to a play date soon! Glad to hear making Rhys sit up is working so effectively!