Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rhys has a room?

As a matter of fact he does. That he rarely enters said room is another thing entirely, but he does have a room. Witness, Exhibit A: Rhys sleeping in his room. Yes, I am aware his crib is full of baby no-nos. No, I probably wouldn't have allowed it prior to my micro-preemie, but as soon as my boys were born all bets for strictly following the rules were off.

Nothing to get too excited about, but today is the first day Rhys has actually done anything purposeful in his own bed. In the afternoons the cannula comes off for a bit at bath time. I bathe Rhys in his bathroom, and bring him to his room to dry and diaper him and put on the PJs. That is really the only time Rhys visits his room. Our bedroom is where Rhys lives at night and takes his naps during the day. The monitor and pack 'n play are in our room where we are in close proximity to put the cannula back in when he pulls it out many times through the night. The O2 concentrator is on our side of the house and it is pain to move. It is heavy, bulky, noisy, and generates unbelievable amounts of hot air among other things. The tubing is only so long, and that doesn't get it to the opposite corner of our house so it stays put for the most part. Occasionally we do move it to the hallway that is on Rhys's side of the house. Today was one such occasion. Cody is [still] sleeping in (call it a belated birthday present to my love), the O2 concentrator is on Rhys's half of the house, he needs a nap, so what to do? It's sad that I had to think for a few minutes before putting him in his room became obvious. It's kind of nice to feel like the room we put so much effort into is not going to waste. :o)

Today I am: 10 months, 1 weeks and 1 day old.
Adjusted I am: 6 months, 2 weeks and 2 days old.


Anonymous said...

I love the walls!!! Did you do them yourself? We are having fun (yeah right) adjusting to stying over night with our little one and waking to his o2 and apnea monitor about every 5 min!! The machines here in the hospital are so old. Yep! there goes the alarm for a loose lead, oh I am going nuts with the loud beeps! haha At least we have something to tell us how he is doing though. Hoping the home monitors aren't as obnoxious! He is adorable sleeping in his crib. The NICU nurses always said micro preemies enjoy there bellys when they sleep, I know rule breaker! =)

Jodi said...

I agree. . .micropreemies enjoy sleeping on their tummies and their 02 sats are better as well. Olivia slept on her tummy when she came home and since she was hooked up to a monitor, we didn't worry too much. When she started rolling over, we found that she always ended up on her tummy and still does. I think it's because of all of that kangaroo care. Anyway, LOVE his room. Too cute!

Jarod said...

so i am very excited and happy at how cute he is and how he is progressing. i think about yall constantly and everything that yall are going through taking care of Rhys.

You have nothing but my love and thoughts all the time. Keep up the good work and hope to talk to you soon.

Love, Jarod Cain