Saturday, May 16, 2009

10 months old

Today Rhys is 10 months old. Though sometimes I think he believes he is an adult. We have had a few days of constant screaming and boy have I had enough of it. In Rhys's defense I think he has a tooth that is finally on its way. When I can get his tongue out of the way long enough to take a peek it looks as though it is really close to breaking through him gums.

We are still in PT once a week and working on rolling from back to tummy and unsupported sitting. The rolling Rhys can do in stages, from back to side and then side over. I have never seen him do it completely by himself though. He can shift his weight and get his arms from beneath him and is getting better at pushing himself up. Pushing up while lying on his tummy and standing up are his two favorite things right now and he gets a huge smile every time. As far as the sitting, let us just say that Rhys likes to throw mini temper tantrums and pitch himself backwards while sitting. For some reason he is putting weight on the upper portion of his rear instead of the lower part and he isn't able to balance as easily. We are practicing it as much as he will allow it, but it isn't his favorite thing. He really isn't into his Bumbo chair either, and he actually sits in that chair the same way he tries to sit on the floor so he is sort of leaning backwards. He also has decided he is boycotting the spoon. He clamps his lips closed and avoids eye contact every time. He doesn't mind when you touch his face or mouth, and he will suck on my fingers (as well as his) all day long, but he hates the spoon. He will eat his purees off my fingers, but he doesn't want to eat it off his own. Silly boy. This is good news because it doesn't seem as though he has an aversion since he's tolerating his mouth being messed with. But it still doesn't change the fact he needs to learn to eat. I guess this is another one of those things where he will do it when he's good and ready. Oh bother. I am ready for him to make progress on either the rolling, sitting or eating. We've been working on those things for what seems like forever.

Rhys is doing great with his glasses. We haven't had them on him "every waking minute" as we were told, but we are working on it. It is hard to keep the wire frames on him all day long when he isn't sitting on his own. I am scared the wire frames are going to break (here is part of where we said the wire frames are more maintenance than the plastic ones) or dig into his face so we do it most of the day. He doesn't appreciate when you put them on his face, but after that he pretty much forgets about them. Though he sometimes gets lucky when he grabs for the cannula and gets a double bonus when the glasses come too!

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Jodi said...

I remember waiting forever for Olivia to roll over and to sit up on her own and to crawl, etc. She didn't sit up completely unassisted until after her first birthday. (Right after her strabismus surgery.) I think micro-preemies definitely do things in their own time. Right now, we are working so hard on pointing and stacking blocks. It's just a really slow process. I think most full term children seem to naturally do these things, but our kiddos just need a bit more time. I know it can seem frustrating at times. Thinking of you and keep up the practice, Rhys! I think you're doing better with the glasses than we are.