Thursday, June 21, 2012

my little sugar

Sweet Beckett is almost one! I can not believe it. When Zoe was this age I was about 16 weeks pregnant with this guy. Yikes! Beckett has finally started crawling on all fours, though he only does it half way to his destination then switches back to army crawling. He is cruising on all the furniture but isn't nearly as sure-footed as Zoe was so he loses his balance and trips himself up a lot. The boy is fearless. He loves to play with Zoe and Rhys and is still a mama's boy. He is drinking from a sippy and still gets his bottle three times a day. I quit BFing him around 9.5 months so he's all formula now, with occasional cow's milk. He's about 60% for height and weight as of his last checkup, which surprises me because he seems so huge. We are still waiting on teeth because he has none at this point. Rhys and Zoe both had teeth by 8 months if I remember correctly. It looks like B's getting the top/bottom front two all at once, they're right at the surface.

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