Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day

We spent father's day weekend at the lake with Cody's dad this year.  I'm sad to say that was the first time back to the lake since I was pregnant with R&B four years ago!  Circumstances have prevented us from going for one reason or another so we were very happy to be back on the water.  The kids loved it!

B didn't even make it out of the cove before he was sound asleep.

Rhys was loving driving the boat.  He kept saying "boat" and "water" when we were in the house.  I honestly didn't know those words were in his vocabulary.

Zoe loves her snacks! 

R&Z both love the water.  Zoe kept kick, kick, kicking and doing her "bubbles" like she does in swim class. 

This may have been the highlight for Rhys.  I'm not sure if he was completely scared or terrified.  Just kidding, he loved this too!  He really enjoys the racing games on his iPad and this was some real life action!

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