Saturday, June 2, 2012

last day of school

Rhys is officially a ummm pre-Kindergartner instead of a pre-pre-Kindergartner.  I can not believe the year went by so quickly.  He is doing great things lately.  He knows so much that is just coming to the surface.  I guess he's been watching and paying close attention these last months because the boy is pretty sharp.  I am constantly amazed at what pops out of his mouth, thing that I had no idea he understood.  Last week he started saying "Nick", as in NickJr.  That is usually the channel on in the kids' play room.  There is a commercial in between shows that plays the little jingle and every single time Rhys says Nick in the appropriate spot.  Today while he was eating he pointed the the living room tv and said Nick, then later told Cody he wanted the tv remote.  Yes, he said remote.  He is doing great at producing new sounds on command.  Just a few short weeks ago this was very difficult for him.  We are so excited to see this progress. 

Rhys had an awards presentation at school the other day.  As you can see, Zoe made herself right at home with the rest of the class.

All the kids received an award for a character trait.  Rhys's award was for determination.

And just for fun...  big boy Beckett loves to play with Rhys and Zoe.  He's almost always right in the middle of the action.  He is still army crawling but is now pulling up to stand on everything.  He wants to be cruising so badly!

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